Kinky Custom Tattoo Wear

The different Tattoo-Shirts:
Not only the classic dragons, tigers, skulls but complex designed motives in detailed multicolor-screenprint on high quality textiles.

Take a look and enjoy it, below or at the homepage of Kinky Custom Tattoo Wear!



Girlie-Shirt 'Butterfly', longish fit, waisted, nested at sleeve
in S,M,L (black, green, lavender; please specify color) 32,95 €


Girlie-Shirt 'Butterfly', shortly fit, 3/4 sleeve, boat neckline
in S,M,L (black, olive, red; please specify color) 39,95 €


Girlie-Shirt 'Blank bis auf die Knochen-blank to the bone'
longish fit, waisted, nested at sleeve
in S,M,L (lavender, black, green; please specify color) 32,95 €


Tunic 'Blank bis auf die Knochen-blank to the bone'
Long, relaxed fit, wide cuff, strapless
in S,M,L (red, black; please specify color) 39,95 €



Girlie 'Koi'
in S,M,L,XL 29,95 €


Girlie 'Geisha'
in S,M,L,XL 29,95 €

Girl-Hoodie 'Koi'
in S,M,L 49,95 €


Girl-Hoodie 'Geisha'
in S,M,L 49,95 €



Baseball-Girlie 'Dagger'
in S,M,L 22,95 €


Girlie zipped hoodie 'Dagger'
longish and waisted fit, light puff sleeve, pockets, star-formed zipper
and wide cuff
in S,M,L 44,95 €





T-Shirt 'Geisha'
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 29.95 €


Hoodie 'Geisha'
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 49,95 €


T-Shirt 'Koi'
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 29,95 €


Hoodie 'Koi'
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 49,95 €




Longsleeve 'Blank bis auf die Knochen - blank to the bone', black
in S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL 39,95 €

also as T-Shirt (brown and olive; please specify color)
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 29,95 €


T-Shirt 'Pirat' (olive, brown, bordeaux; please specify color)
with Lettering 'Moritur et ridet - he dies with a smile'
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 29,95 €

T-Shirt 'Tattoo-Machine'
in S,M,L,XL,XXL 20,- €

Also a 'delicacy' for orders with three-digit-price!